Pak Suhana: A Mentor & Lifelong Brotherhood!

A long time ago in Melbourne, I was kind of lost and needed help with Feng Shui. That’s when I met Pak Suhana. He wasn’t just a Feng Shui expert to me; he became a true friend. Pak Suhana was like a big brother. What I liked about him was that he never said things just to make me feel good. He was always honest, even if it meant telling me something tough.

We both loved martial arts, which brought us even closer. When I visited him at his house, he’d teach me the basics of the Five Ancestor Fist. It was our thing, something special we shared exchanging knowledge of different martial art. He taught me not only the physical aspects but also the philosophy behind the martial arts, emphasizing discipline, respect, and self-improvement.

His house was a peaceful place where we’d talk about life. His advice was like gold – so much more valuable than anything else. Our talks weren’t just about Feng Shui or martial arts; we’d share stories.

Through good times and bad, Pak Suhana was always there for me. He was like a rock, giving me strength and smart advice. Our friendship was a real treasure, worth more than anything money could buy. And so, our friendship continues, showing me how special connections and good advice can make life a beautiful journey, especially when shared with a true friend like Pak Suhana.
As the years went by, although we are seldom contacting each other’s, Pak Suhana and I became inseparable friends. Our friendship deepened, not just through Feng Shui and martial arts, but through the simple joys of life.

Life had its ups and downs, and during tough times, Pak Suhana’s house became a sanctuary. It wasn’t just a place to talk; it was a haven where I found solace and understanding. His words were a balm to my worries, and his presence, a source of comfort.

As our friendship flourished, Pak Suhana also became an integral part of my family. His wisdom and kindness extended beyond our one-on-one talks; he became a mentor to others in my life, offering guidance and support to anyone in need. His selflessness and generosity knew no bounds.

And so, thank you for the true friendship brings. In Pak Suhana, I found not only a mentor but a lifelong brotherhood, I wish Pak Suhana been blessed with health, success and happiness and keep helping people in need. God Bless you and family, Happy Birthday Pak Suhana!

Best Regards
Rifin Khong and Family
15 December 2023