Suhu Kalangan Putih – Abu-Abu – Hitam

Matur nuwun suhu untuk waktu yang suhu luangkan waktu ke Jakarta. Teman teman bos2, hopeng, pati tentara dan polisi komentar dan feedback nya positif semua mengenai suhu. Senang saya liat suhu makin sibuk dan semakin eksis d semua kalangan. Dari di kalangan putih, abu-abu sampe hitam semuanya suhu kenal dan bisa gaul dan rangkul. Lama2 jadi suhu putih abu2 hitam, hehehe just joking y suhu.

Hans Wibowo Sianturi
Jakarta, 24 Juli 2023

Our Strict Big Brother

We met Ko Suhana Lim by fate in 2010 when we bought our house at BSD City. At that time we believed that using a feng shui master can make ourselves rich (which later we clearly understood that it was obviously a very wrong mindset).

Honestly speaking, before engaging Ko Suhana, we actually had used several feng shui masters that asked for money every time we went for a consultation, or they asked for “donation.” At that time my wife searched on Google, and then read Ko Suhana’s FB page and listened to his Radio Sonora’s interview recording, And feels that all his explanations about feng shui are reasonable and make sense. So after almost 9 months of communicating via Skype regarding our BSD house, later we met in person when he came to Jakarta.

Time flies and now 13 years later we have moved to Melbourne to start our new journey and chapter in life. And one of the biggest influencers in our lives is definitely Ko Suhana. He is not only our Feng Shui Master but also our Mentor, Family, Friend, and sometimes also our strict Big Brother who’s willing and does not hesitate to ‘scold’ us so that we can be more careful and become a better person.

We believe that fate leads us to meet the Right Person at the Right Time and Right Moment, And for us meeting Ko Suhana is one of those Precious Moments in our lives. Ko Suhana, we wish you luck and success in your career.


Adee & Patrisia Suntoso, Tangerang & Melbourne
20th July 2023