Yana, Trent, & Logan – Melbourne

Good Evening Pak Lim,

I couldn’t thank you enough for everything that Pak Lim had taught us and advised us for many years, back then in 2013 my first time reading an article from Pak Lim in a magazine, then we decided to contact Pak Lim for our husband and wife Bazi consultation and Fengshui because I couldn’t get pregnant. 

We did everything that Pak Lim taught us, and then in just less than a year, I was pregnant! And time flies, now my son, Logan, is already 7 years old. We really feel so blessed to know Pak Lim until now and thanks for reading our son’s Bazi reading too.

And I also want to share my other experience, few months ago, I was asking Pak Lim for advice about nose filler, as I know Pak Lim is also an expert in face reading and we always get advice don’t do anything to our nose as it can bring to divorce if it is done wrongly. So I give it a try to ask, and Pak Lim told me that I can do it, but in a certain part of the nose only, and advised me to fix the scar too. 

So I did it as I get told but it’s not perfect yet as I need to get more work done, but it does heaps better than before. Even so, I still want to inform Pak Lim that after 2 months I did it, I get so many improvements in life that happened, especially in my career aspect where I suddenly get appointed to become the team leader without going through any official process by my manager, and I couldn’t even reject it as my manager try to do everything to make it work for me. 

Thank you so much, Pak Lim, we really appreciate every piece of advice, and everything Pak Lim has taught us in life matters besides Bazi and Fengshui matters.

Stay Healthy and stay safe Pak Lim.

Yana, Trent, & Logan – Melbourne June 2022