Shinta Xiao – Melbourne

Finding myself through Ba zi

I believe we are born for a purpose, the repeated question that I am asking myself is, what is my purpose?

I often wonder if what I am doing in this life so far has been useful to others. In one aspect my logical brain said, yes, I have done somewhat good. On the other hand, in my heart, I always feel “the emptiness” and feeling the lack of and not doing enough.

I grew up in a traditional Chinese believer of Bazi, Fengshui, and other forms of fortune-telling. However, I am always looking for something more…I guess the connection and the affirmation over and over which have been calculated or written. I know in my heart as I prayed hard to meet someone who is a master of this Bazi and Fengshui matters.

I guess God has answered my prayers, it was fated that I met this guru here. So when I met Pak Suhana, I already knew somehow, he has this principle in the life of talking straight and direct which in line with my life’s principle also. When Pak Suhana was explaining about my Bazi, it is all an affirmation for me, a reminder, and also a relearning process about me and my life.

His character of wanting to coach rather than only be a reader was the most I appreciate and looking forward to. He is one of the few masters in the world I think who would want his clients to progress successfully and changed their lives to be better. Others you just remunerate for the reading service.

My journey is still long but my great windows of luck are limited at my age, so I have plenty of homework to catch up on.
Thank you Pak Suhana for your light, reminder, and guidance. It was a blessing to have met you and hopefully, your effort of becoming my coach will be fruitful.

Let me begin with a new hope….

Melbourne, 07 July 2021
Regards, Shinta Xiao