Herlina – NSW

I knew of Pak Lim 4 years ago introduced by a close family friend and they are his big supporters and speak highly of him. We have our house Fengshui & our Bazi (personal pillars) calculated.

When I first met Pak Lim, he seemed a bit harsh and to the point and was taken me aback a bit. After knowing him more and met him in person, I now wouldn’t hesitate to reach out when I’m stuck or needing guidance and he keeps reminding me to do the changes he recommended and should have been done 4 years ago.

I was very slow in applying Pak Lim’s suggestions partly because my husband is not supportive of the changes and feng shui in general. Over the years I applied the recommended changes bit by bit. After I applied a few changes Pak Lim
recommended like removing the mirror in our room, changed the kitchen bench I noticed my daughter and my health improved. I used to get cold easily and my daughter got gastro frequently but we haven’t had those for years.

The other change we made was planting bamboos in the front of our house next to the driveway. I remembered Pak Lim mentioned this is to balance the house for my husband. It took a while for the bamboos to grow as we originally planted them in pots but then after we moved it to the ground they grew! And I noticed as those grew my husband work becomes very busy.

So now I’m about to do the last change pak Lim recommended m. I’m positive this will also bring positive impacts in our life.

Thank you pak Lim.
Herlina – N.S.W.