Felix & Sarah – Sydney

We first met Pak Suhana about 6 years ago in Sydney (on a visit) when we were looking for investment properties. I suppose everyone would have had similar first impressions – interesting, straight up and honest conversations. Someone who stands by the truth and generously shares his knowledge.

Fast-forward to 2019, when we began planning to move to Sydney. From choosing flight dates, purchase of property, moving-in dates, and even which business to purchase! Eventually, we chose an industry that suited BOTH my husband and I. Not an easy feat and with the 2020 pandemic, we were worried, anxious, and doubtful if launching a business in 2020 would be wise. Nevertheless, Pak Suhana gave us confidence. Guiding us with choosing the property to rent, dates to sign agreements, and even opening day.

Within 4 months we managed to break even and in our 6th month profitable! Even though a small profit but it definitely is a huge milestone for my husband and I. There are days that are difficult but both my husband and I agree that when we are at work the experience, dynamic, and we relationships we build with students & families are like no other.

An unknown passion unearths from both of us in an industry we never thought we could excel in. To anyone who is doubtful, trust the process! At times it doesn’t make sense but in the long run, it will only benefit you!

Felix & Sarah
Sydney – New South Wales
19 May 2021