Hubert Jahja – Enrich Realty Group

Like many of us, I always strive to find a more meaningful, prosperous and fulfilled life.

Being first generation migrant into Australia, I am grateful for the opportunity presented to me and my achievement so far.

However, I still strive to improve and find further success and meaningful life, as I believe there is more than normal and ordinary life. I want to do more and be able to help more people and contribute back to this world as much as I possibly can. I imagine myself as a living angel or the modern day Marvel Iron Man.

So when the student is ready, the teacher appears. That’s where I first met my Master Suhana.

He explains things in a logical way that I can understand. Do I really believe in Feng Shui, the Four Pillars / the Ba Zi or in the Western world is widely known as, the Art of Geomancy? Initially I will say NO. But now, after the logical explanation, I come to an understanding that there is more than what you can see.

Can you see wind? No.

Can you see cold? No.

Can you see electricity or heat? No.

But these are elements and energy that is important in human life.

He further explains, that Human is in between Heaven and Earth. If you can harness these elements and power, you can control the Universe. Maybe I am not that keen yet to control the Universe, but it is a skill and art to utilise these subtle energy of Heaven and Earth to enhance your success, your wellbeing and give you more harmonious life.

Simple analogy, if a super (top) orange seed is planted in a fertile soil with the energy of sun and rain, it will further grow to become a wonderful orange tree that produces wonderful fruits.

However, same seed planted in bad season and in an infertile or barren land, same seed, will have a very different result. You will not have a wonderful orange fruits under this condition. Due to bad Earth and bad Heaven energy.

Human is like the seed, you can work very hard and very smart, this only gives you 1/3 of the result. By knowing and implementing some elements of Feng Shui, Ba Zi or the Four Pillars that have been used for centuries by successful emperors, military strategists and even business tycoons in modern days, you will enhance your result by harnessing the subtle energies of Heaven and Earth.  These subtle energies, if understood and applied well, will further boost 2/3 of your effort to maximise your result.

I look at this as another chapter of my life. As my Ba Zi calculation is telling me that I am still have another few decades of golden era coming very soon, I understand my strength points, having the 4 lucky “stars” following me for the rest of my life, I further understand my weaknesses, working on strengthening these part, further harnessing the energies of Heaven and Earth, surely, there will be far more success, harmonious and fulfilling life.

Life has a limit, I am trying to seriously max my experience, my life and I always dream of to be an angel that will be able to help and support others. In modern world, a Marvel Iron Man. How can you help others, when you yourself is not strong and capable?

I thank you Pak Suhana for introducing me to the world of Feng Shui, and The Four Pillars / Ba Zi. Will further explore and enjoy this exciting journey together with you Pak for many years to come.

Thank you.

Hubert Jahja

Enrich Realty Group