Covid-19 and The Rat Year 2020

By: Suhana Lim.

In the lead up to 2020, the whole world has been troubled by Covid-19. Starting from the health crisis then continues to be a deep financial crisis around the world, which is still happening right now.

2020 is the year of庚子 or Yang Metal Rat. Water is the fixed element of the Rat. One of the characteristics of the Water element is anxiety or worry or fear. This is a manifestation of the feeling we have all experienced since the outbreak of the pandemic. Metal is associated with the respiratory tract organs and Lungs. Covid-19 is a disease that attacks these organs.

People whose Metal element is weak will naturally be more susceptible to Covid-19. Having said this, it does not mean that those with strong Metal element can neglect to maintain health. Regardless of what the status of our Metal element in our ba zi (personal energy chart) is, maintaining personal hygiene and complying with all health protocols must still be done to minimize the risk of contracting Covid-19.

People whose elements of Water, Wood and/or Fire that are weak are more prone to psychological disorders. This is because various restrictions on social activity affect our mental health. It has been proven that since the pandemic and lockdown or social activities restrictions have been implemented, the level of stress, anxiety, depression and even suicide, divorce has increased!

Will this pandemic bring an apocalypse? Will it destroy human civilization? Well, to be honest I don’t have a crystal ball, and I’m not a psychic either. Having said that, from a feng shui perspective; as the energy of the Year of the Rat passes, all these glooms and dooms are likely to subside! The manifestation of this is especially with the nearing of the discovery of a vaccine for Covid-19.

I have shared all the above information several months prior to entering the 2020 Rat year to all my valued clients, and through many articles that I shared via social media. I am sharing this information again to those who haven’t read and to refresh the memory of those who have read it before.

May we all always be physically and mentally healthy!

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