Margaret – Sydney

I have known Suhana for nearly 10 years. It started when I read his Feng Shui article in a magazine and decided to contact him as I was looking for a good location to build our new house.  

At the beginning I knew very little about Feng Shui and also very skeptical. I heard from some families about the benefit of Feng Shui in many aspects of their life, but I initially thought it was just a non-sense. I like to have `proof’ that it really works.  

Having met and dealt with Suhana has changed my perception about Feng Shui. Suhana’s knowledge and expertise in classical Feng Shui was invaluable. He managed to clarify what is legitimate and what is just a superstitious crap. 

Classical Feng Shui is actually a Science involving hundreds of years of experience and studies. If you get the right information from the right person and then apply it the right way, you will understand that the concept of Feng Shui does make sense! I personally feel my health is improved, my finance is improved and my family relationship is improved through the right application of Feng Shui. 

Contrary to some people’s comments that Suhana is sharp and heady in talking (it’s for a good purpose anyway), my experience is actually the opposite. As a skeptic, I used to throw lots of ‘challenging’ queries to Suhana, but to my surprise, he didn’t get upset or annoyed. Instead, he patiently and politely addressed to all my queries and ensured that I totally understood and happy with his answers.  

There is one thing I want to remind you. If an ‘expert’ tells you to buy ornamentals (like a bagua, lucky coin, crystal, dragon, turtle statues etc.), WALK AWAY! This is hype and has nothing to do with Feng Shui. Suhana never advocates or suggests, let alone sells those items. 

Suhana is a very genuine person. His passion to help people improving life through Feng Shui is way above anything else. You may think that his fee is quite dear, but wait till you deal with him personally, then you will know that his incredible hard work and services are far greater than the fee he charges us! 

I personally would like to wish Suhana all the best for his future. Keep shining and keep doing what you are passionate about!  You are a true Feng Shui Master!  

Without hesitation, I will recommend Suhana’s services to anyone thinking of improving life through the right application of Feng Shui. 

Warm Regards 

Margaret in Sydney 

August 2019