Liz Ladyjenski

Dear Suhana,
I had the privilege of meeting Suhana Lim in the second half of 2009. This was my
initial introduction to the concept Feng Shui. I was somewhat sceptical at the start,
but the more I listened and learned from Suhana, the more this practice seemed a
very natural part of life. I was instantly drawn to it.
Suhana has provided a Business as well as a Personal consultancy for me, and
both have been so fascinating. What appealed to me the most, is that Suhana
provides very simple, direct suggestions on how the small things can be adjusted
to create positive results. At the end of the analysis I was left very empowered with
a clear plan of what I need to do next to improve my situation.
I grew up in the Western world, and like many, I have unfortunately been out of
touch with so many basic elements of the earth until recently. We cannot deny that
we are a part of a greater world than is familiar to us. I believe we should jump at
the opportunity to learn more about the ancient laws, and respect them to benefit
our lives.
It is amazing to watch Suhana observe and assess the surroundings he is in.
Immediately he becomes aware of the energy and harmony that may or may not
exist in a certain area or dwelling and the reasons behind this. It’s as though he
possesses an additional sense to the five we all have. Suhana Lim is an incredible
person and I feel very blessed to have met him. I am grateful for all the advice I
have received.
Elizabeth Ladyjenski
Business Owner
Port Melbourne
February 2010