Darren Sole

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is intended to serve as an introduction to Mr. Suhana Ruslim (Lim) and a brief account of my experiences enlisting his Feng Shui consultant services.

My wife and I recently purchased a home in Murrumbeena Victoria that required some degree of renovating. We had recently sold our previous family home that had been renovated and extended to a very high standard. I always felt that although the house was finished to the highest standards in architectural design and workmanship, there was always “something lacking in the final result.

I had always had a passing interest in Feng Shui but had never experienced its practice or had

seen any outcome as a result of its application. So, I managed to have the good fortune to find

Suhana and his wealth of knowledge. He spent a long time analyzing our house and provided

me with a detailed report of his findings. What I found most satisfying was Suhana had the

ability to explain his suggestions in a no nonsense practical way that was easily understood. The outcome of his advice and my following his direction has been remarkable. The feeling that our new home now has is one of positive and strong energy. I would highly recommend Suhana to provide host and experienced advice to anyone who feels the need to improve or enhance the energy of their business, home or life.

Kind regards,

Dacre Sole.