Caroline – Jakarta

Hi Pak Suhana, I would like to say Thank You Very Much for helping me to choose the best date and time to lodge my Resident Return Visa (RRV). At first, I was so worry that the Immigration officer will reject my application because I only stayed in Melbourne for less than 2 years within 5 years period. Following to your visit to our apartment the last 2 weeks, and as per your suggestion, we bought your Fengshuipedia book . While I read the book, I came across the article about your client that asked for your help to choose the best date to lodge his RRV. I thought this was exactly the same case as me. So, I followed your suggestion as what you wrote in the book and requested you to provide me with the best date and time to lodge my RRV. I have submitted the RRV today and yes, I got it!! Today is exactly the best date for me. This is all because of your help and I do really appreciated with all your assistance for me and my family.

Again, Thank you very much. Take Care.
Best Regards,