Anne Marie Nayna & Elke Osadnik – Melbourne

Within approximately a month of moving into a new apartment, my flat-mate engaged Suhana to do a full Feng Shui assessment of our new home based on a fun, insightful, interesting and non-intrusive evaluation of my flatmate and I as individuals.

We immediately adopted his suggestions to ensure that our home was promoting the most fluent and

positive flow of energy and within weeks I noticed a very positive change in both personal and professional

circumstances in my life. I suddenly started to secure a lot more work in both of my jobs and I even

applied his guidance to the layout of the office at work Again, my work success gifted to another level

altogether to the absolute delight of my employers

Not only did Suhana explain the principles of Feng Shui in a very easy-to-understand manner, he did so with the utmost courtesy and genuine concern for my well-being. He was never ‘pushy or dismissive of our questions about the practice, he just answered in a calm and respectful manner which made us completely comfortable with his guidance Suhana has since regularly followed up with my flat-mate and I to find out how ife is going since his assessment. His level customer service and follow-up is just outstanding

Originally being extremely skeptical about the whole notion of Feng Shui, I would not hesitate to apply Suhana’s teachings to any environment for the rest of my life. After all, unless you do it, you will never know what success and happiness you could be missing out on!

I’ve always wanted to explore Feng Shui principles and implement them into my life However I never quite found the right time or consultant Having moved across the globe over recent years, a true home had also alluded me I was therefore delighted to come across Suhana, two weeks after moving into my first. real, permanent home in many, many years. No coincidence I’m sure

I absolutely agree with my flatmates assessment of Suhana in terms of his beautiful manner, extensive knowledge and the manner in which he shares his knowledge

A couple of weeks after implementing all of Suhana’s recommendations. I signed up my first client, then a second and a third i’d started my business 12 mths prior It had taken me 12 mths to sign up my first client and now they were flowing Guests to my home were actually commenting on what a beautiful and positive place it was I lost the excess weight I’d be carrying around and I started to attract fabulous, warm, genuine people into my life. Amazingly, after being single for a little longer than i’d cared to admit, I also starting dating again

I am externally grateful to Suhana for his advice and knowledge His post consultation support and the genuine care and interest he showed at times actually left me speechless I have and will continue to refer Suhane to anyone who would like to harness the incredible power and support of Feng Shui