Andrew Magic Tatoo

This is a testimonial in regards to Suhana Lim and his recommendations of feng shui at my business monkey magik tattoos, Frankston, Victoria. i asked lim to take a visit through my shop ( before any painting or any fittings were installed) and in working with my design concepts and colour scheme choices, we came up with, what i regard as an impressive layout with minimum clutter. a bright and energetic workplace that i have felt has an aura of welcomeness’ to it all customers feel at ease instantly as they walk through the door. business is very constant and within the first few days i have been inundated with requests for work, to the tune of four weeks booked solid in advance!! i couldn’t have asked for a better start, and i firmly believe, that what has been achieved in the short space of time since our grand opening, has a great deal to do with lims help with his feng shui practices. i would gladly recommend suhana lim to anyone requiring help and guidance with feng shui, and best of luck to those who do, andrew mclean monkey magik tattoos.