Andrew Hart – Melbourne

Dear Suhana,
We would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for your appraisal of our family and our home
Your approach and explanation of Feng Shui and how it interacts and affects our daily lives was very interesting
and supported many of the events that have taken place in our lives.
We wish to certainly recommend your services to anyone who is going through ‘life’s difficulties, as we were
before your consultation.
By following your directions and recommendations and most importantly having an ‘open mind’ and forgetting the
past, we have managed to turn the corner into welcoming positive energy into our lives.
After implementing your advice on the weekend of the consultation, we noticed an immediate change in the
energy around our home. As you mentioned, by making the changes, more opportunities would be presented to
me; and it is interesting to note that I have managed to secure the permanent job that I was after. This job was
the first opportunity that arose after adjusting our personal and home Feng Shui.
What has been been very welcomed to us is that you have always been available, after the consultation, to
answer our questions, no matter how small or detailed. Through this type of followup advice, you provided the
key advice and recommendations that in the end provided a winning formula for my second interview.
We highly recommend your Feng Shui consultation services to anyone contemplating this approach and we look
forward to increasing our family wellbeing as we continue to implement the larger pieces of advice that you
shared with us.
Wishing you, your family, 3rd book and business every success.
Kind Regards, Andrew & Effe
Sept 2012