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Welcome to Suhana Lim Feng Shui Consulting website. True, objective and logical Feng Shui is an analysis of 气 (energy), 阴阳 (balance), and the 五行 (transformation of the Five Elements). It is not merely a matter of putting an object in certain locations.

Our motto is to prioritize helping people. Our information and advice are therefore always objective and logical. We focus on giving the right "tailored made" recommendations and/or solutions to our clients' specific needs.


Suhana’s first book, titled 78 Tips Menambah Hoki Anda (78 Tips to Increase Your Luck) was published by Gramedia Publisher in Jakarta, Indonesia in August 2009. This book was then published in Malaysia (by Synergy Media) in 2010 with the title 78 Petunjuk Feng Shui untuk Meningkat Taraf Hidup Anda.

Suhana’s second book titled Fengshuipedia was published in 2010; third book Hidup Lebih Sehat, Senang dan Sejahtera dengan Feng Shui (2013); Feng Shui dan Kehidupan: Sebuah Catatan (2015); Feng Shui: Mitos dan Fakta (2017); Feng Shui: Keseimbangan dan Keharmonisan Hidup (2019). Suhana's 7th book is scheduled to be available in early 2021.

Suhana practices 'Traditional Feng Shui', also called 'Classical Feng Shui'. This is authentic Feng Shui that has its roots in ancient China and includes Form School (Xing Shi Pai) and Compass School (Li Qi Pai), amongst other important Feng Shui principles.

Suhana was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. He was brought up in a family with strong Chinese cultural influence. Since his teenage years, he has developed strong interest in traditional Chinese cultures, especially Feng Shui, Chinese Astrology, Traditional Chinese Martial Arts, and Traditional Chinese Medicine. While living in Jakarta, he initially undertook independent studies before training under many Feng Shui masters and Chinese Astrology masters. Qigong, Reiki, and Psychosomatic are his other interests.

Suhana migrated to Australia in 1997. Suhana’s deep interest in writing and his eagerness to share feng shui with the public made him a regular writer contributing Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology articles in numerous Indonesian community magazines in Australia, the United States, and Indonesia. One of Suhana’s articles was published in The Lantern - A Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Volume 5 No 1, January 2008) and Pointers - Newsjournal of the Shiatsu Therapy Association of Australia (Spring 2009). Suhana was a guest speaker on Radio ZZZ 92.3 fm, SBS Radio in Melbourne and Sydney, radio and television stations in Indonesia.

Suhana was invited to provide Feng Shui lectures, seminars to universities, and various institutions in Indonesia and Australia.

Our Services

Our life is governed by three important factors namely Heaven (天) luck, Human (人) luck and Earth (地) luck. Heaven luck is fixed at birth and determines our life's potential. Human luck refers to our education, virtue and actions while Earth luck refers to the influence of the environment and buildings in our lives. These three factors influence our lives through varying degrees. By carefully 'adjusting' the environment and building/s that we live and work in, we can enhance our Earth luck (which contributes to our overall luck) to facilitate the smooth achievement of our endeavors. This is why Feng Shui is important and needed in our lives!

When the house, office and business place are harmonized with the surroundings and the occupants, we can expect to have better luck with money, health, study and relationships. When they are not feng shui friendly, they can lead to problems, ill health, misfortune, accidents, legal entanglement, relationship issues and everything bad!

As a Feng Shui Consultant, I assist homeowners, business owners as well as corporation to gain an advantage in their endeavour through the correct and objective application of Feng Shui. My recommendations are based on methodologies and knowledge drawn from Classical Feng Shui principles and delivered with a high level of service and commitments. Although I am based in Melbourne, my services are available all over the world. As Feng Shui knowledge and wisdom is applicable in every aspect of life, my services are customized, confidential and professional and most of the recommendations are inexpensive, subtle and simple. I do not sell any Feng Shui products.

Consultations for Residential
and Commercial Properties

Feng Shui analysis, audits, solutions for homes and businesses to optimize the flow of sheng qi (beneficial qi) to maximize prosperity, health and harmony.

Real Estate Sales
and Purchases

Feng Shui evaluation of land, building sites, homes and business properties for prospective buyers, sellers in order to assist and facilitate the sale of homes and businesses.

Commercial Services for Developers, Builders, Architects and Interior Designers
Feng Shui recommendations for both new buildings and renovations of existing buildings. Feng shui review and analysis for plan and site.

Blessings and Clearing of
Homes and Businesses

Ceremonial blessings for the new/ existing home or business. Clearing away of "negative" energies on land, in homes and commercial properties.

Lectures, Workshops,
and Speakers

Speaking engagements, workshops, and seminars on Feng Shui. Specialized group and individualized instruction available.

Personal Growth and Others
Ba zi (four pillars) analysis, auspicious day selecting for wedding, moving in, opening a shop/ business, favourable timing for Caesarean’s procedure, review of business cards, letterheads, websites, logo and company’s name, colours, choosing Chinese names.


I had engaged Master Lim for Feng Shui consultation for my residence and business. Master Lim was very patient with us and was through with his work. He provided me with comprehensive fengshui and bazi report and patiently explain how to apply his suggestion to bring more balance and prosperity into life. I’m very pleased and amazed after applying the suggested feng shui.

Nateerat Paladach
Melbourne - Australia

We own a store that sells motorcycle spare parts and a nice house which is located not far from the store. The position of the front door of our manor style house is not in the middle.  After following the suggestion to move the position of the front door to the middle, we could experience the positive result. Within six months, the income from sales in our store has tripled. We really appreciate Mr. Lim’s advice. 

Alvin and Linda
Jakarta, Indonesia

We thank him for his lecture that enriches our understanding on "Feng Shui" as one of approacehes in architecture design.

The Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Tarumanagara University, Jakarta

Published Books

Kenal Diri - Sadar Diri - Tahu Diri (2023)
Feng Shui: Kisah Langit Manusia Bumi (2021)

78 Tips Menambah
Hoki Anda

Fengshuipedia (2010)

Hidup Lebih Sehat, Senang dan Sejahtera dengan Feng Shui (2013)

Feng Shui dan Kehidupan: Sebuah Catatan (2015)

Feng Shui: Mitos dan Fakta (2017)

Feng Shui: Keseimbangan dan Keharmonisan Hidup (2019)

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